So fresh and so (not) clean

I’ve been in Charlotte for nearly 2 months now, yet my place is still in disarray.  So, my primary goal for the weekend was to be OOBER productive.  Looking back I’d say I did a fairly good job of meeting that goal—good enough that I may even be able to post some pics of the apt in the next week or so Smile

Amidst all my oober productivity, I squeezed in a Body Pump class Saturday morning and a “run” (Ah! more on that to come) Sunday morning.

After the Body Pump class, the instructor called me a “real regular”.  I know it seems silly, but her little comment and acknowledgement that I’ve been body pumping on a regular basis gave me this sense of pride and accomplishment.  I guess it’s because I’ve NEVER been able to stick with any sort of strength training program.  I’ve tried.  I’ve failed. Annnd repeat.  I mean, you all remember my strength training powerpoint, right?  Fail.

The hard part for me was finding something I could stick with, and something that I KNEW wasn’t a waste of time.  I’m happy to report I’m four months in to Body Pump and going strong!  So strong in fact, that today without thinking I flexed my biceps in the bathroom mirror at work.  Who does that?!  Luckily no one walked in on my “which way to the gym” routine Smile

Anyway, after body pump Saturday I headed home for a quick shower and scooted out to run some errands.  I was about 5 centimeters down my street when I realized that I had not only forgotten to shave my armpits, BUT I’d also forgotten to put on deodorant.  I slowed the car down to a crawl contemplating on whether or not I should turn around.  On one hand I had my goals of oober productivity. On the other hand I had my newly formed goal of not ruining my chances of making new friends in Charlotte because I smell like B.O..  Now if it had been my cell phone I’d forgotten, you’re darn tootin I would have turned that car around.  But hairy au naturale armpits?  Not so much.  I guess we all have our limits Be right back

I hit up Lowes, Target, and Trader Joes before rolling my famished self (neglected armpits included) into my first ever visit to Zoe’s!

photo (1)

My strength training obsessed BF tells me I need to make sure I get bookoo protein in after body pump, so as I perused the menu for something meaty I giggled when I saw they had a dish called The Protein Power Plate.  Really?


As unappetizing as the name sounded, the description really hit a special place in my heart.  Flat-grilled chicken, caramelized onions, and slaw.  Say it with me.  CARAMELIZED ONIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the dish was sprinkled with a bit of feta.   You know what they say. Feta makes everything betta.


This was one DELICIOUS dish.  One that I’d eat again regardless of my body’s protein replenishment needs.  Zoe’s has a ton of other things on the menu that look worthy of a taste – several sandwiches, kabobs, salads… not to mention the hand-made chocolate cake and homemade cookies.  Can’t wait to go back!

Zoë's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

After lunch, I headed back to the apt where I unloaded my booty…  as in all the goodies I scored shopping… not as in #2… ummmm moving on….

One thing I scored was this lamp shade from Lowes:


I love the color and pattern.  Yes, I plan to take the plastic off.  Please note the pile of crap on my nightstand.  Now envision a 1,000 square foot apartment filled with similar piles of varying heights.  That’s what I’m working with, folks.

Slowwwwllyyyy but surely Smile


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  1. You kill me, my little punster! Very funny! You’re doing a great job in all areas of your life. Makin’ your mama proud!

  2. It takes such a long time to get settled in a new place, so don’t beat yourself up 🙂 And I swear I forget to put deodorant on like three times a week so I now leave a stick in my car.. which looks a lot like your nightstand.
    I wish I had body pump at my gym but we have a class called “muscle confusion” instead and I looove it. Kicks my ass every time. Can’t wait to see your apartment pics for the big reveal!

  3. Don’t worry, my sister has been in her new place for a couple months and she’s still living out of boxes. It’s hard to get settled right away! And squees on the lamp, I heart the design!