Bask on Seaboard

Last weekend, the BF and I decided to dig into my Living Social / Groupon stash and head to Bask  on Seaboard at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte.

Bask’s website touts the restaurant as chic and comfortable – and I’d agree.  I also add “swanky” to the description.  Partly because it’s perfectly fitting, and party because I love that word Smile

Prior to leaving, I tweeted Bask to let them know I was on my way and soon after got a response:


This is a perfect example of why Twitter is awesome.  I know I was late to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but over the last year I’ve really grown to love it!


After perusing Bask’s menu, we decided to go with the Black Bean and Roasted Garlic Hummus for the appetizer:


The hummus was DELICIOUS.


The pita chips were still hot and were especially yummy dipped in the cool hummus (even though I wasn’t expecting them to be fried).

Of course the BF got a Caesar salad.


If he were to have  “signature” dish, I think it’d have to be the Caesar.  He gets them everywhere we go.  EVERYWHERE.


Mwah haha… Unsuspecting photo shoot subject Shifty

I went with the Spinach Salad with grilled Shrimp for my dinner:


LOVE me some grilled shrimp.  The lemon vinaigrette dressing was very good – and I also asked for some of the spicy thai sauce (that comes on their shrimp appetizer) on the side.  It was pretty spectacular.


Two thumbs up on the salad, but what REALLY put a smile on my face was the delicious mac and cheese:

DSCF6027  DSCF6026

Mmmm I’m a sucker for a cheesy noodle.

I stole a (rather large) bite of the BF’s chipotle chicken sandwich too:


He said it was the best chicken sandwich he’s ever had.  I’m not gonna lie.  It was STELLAR.  Pico di gallo, ancho chili, and AVOCADO. Yesssssssssss.  This sandwich alone will ensure our return to Bask.

There was a music event going on at the NC Music Factory the night we visited Bask, and since we chose to sit outside we had prime seats for enjoying the live music and people watching.


Last but not least, we decided to grab a dessert.

I REALLY wanted to try the chocolate brioche bread pudding (chocolate and bread both hold VERY special places in my heart), BUT we compromised and got the apple turnovers:


This was tasty (especially the rum ice cream) – but next time, the bread pudding will be making a visit to my belly.

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  1. You and the BF are looking good! I can’t wait to try some of these places in July!