To pack, or not to pack?

While packing for my upcoming move, I’ve stumbled across a lot of RANDOM things I’ve been hoarding since I left the nest at age 18…

Three dorms, three apartments, and one house later, I find myself asking why the FREAK do I still have this?!?!?!?!?!?

And so I bring you the first installment of To pack, or not to pack?

Exhibit A:  13 inch long pencil.


This pencil is circa 1997.  I was in eighth grade and used my allowance money to buy it.  It was pimp.  I used it joyously for a couple of days, then for fear of having to sharpen the pencil (i.e., shorten the pencil and lessen the pimpness) I stopped using it.  It’s been in retirement for 14 years now.

Exhibit B:  14 rolls of tape in various sizes, translucency, and “magical” powers.


Who even uses tape anymore?!

Exhibit C:  Rollerblades.



Exhibit D:  The first bathing suit I have recollection of wearing:



Exhibit E:  My stuffed billy goat.


Mom:  “Mare, what’s your favorite animal”?”

Mary:  “A goat!”

Mom:  searches every store within driving distance for a stuffed goat… what child says their favorite animal is a goat?  Puppies?  Kitties?  Monkeys? SNAKES perhaps?  Not for my darling little Mary…..

I will NEVER part with this billy goat… stench and all.

Exhibit E:  The original gameboy:


Complete with Tetris and Home Alone!

Exhibit F:  Red soccer ball scrunchie:


Clearly, I was one of the popular kids in middle school.

So whataya think?  Pack?


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  1. I’d DEFINITELY keep that pencil!! (I am nerd…) also the gameboy, the goat and the tape!!

    to answer your question – ME! I use tape, and I use tape A Lot! 🙂 (I send care packages and random things to people all the time… <3

    1. OMG your comment went to spam! what’s up with spam control these days? … sad news is, I just took the gameboy to goodwill yesterday! I so would have shipped it to you!! dang you spam!

  2. that pencil is so awesome! i was way more into super short pencils, though. in fact, i was super proud of the ones less than two inches long that i had managed to keep and sharpen enough times to get that little.

    that is a lot of tape