Some things just aren’t meant to be

You guys are not going to believe this. 

After last week’s whirlwind weekend where I lost not one but TWO condos in the complex I was hoping to rent in, I was feeling a wee bit deflated. OK… A LOT BIT deflated. 

With the clock tick tick ticking, I needed to nail down a rental.  STAT.  So, this weekend I drove to Charlotte for mission FIND A ROOF.  I had a big list of condos to check out, including one newly surfaced condo in the same complex that I’d missed out on the other two condos the prior weekend.  Fate, perhaps??

After a weekend of hunting, I narrowed it down to three options:

——>  #1  Condo in the coveted complex that I’d already missed out on twice

——>   #2  Uptown condo with LIMITED storage space (um hello, where am I gonna put my shoes?!)

——>  #3  Condo just outside of the downtown area overlooking the highway (and by overlooking I mean that the balcony literally hung over the highway) with ugly green dorm-esque floors BUT within walking proximity to Trader Joe’s.  It’s all about compromise people.

Monday morning I got an email that I was the top choice for the #1 CONDO!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally!  Third times a charm, right?

Monday night I got an email that the owners decided to push back the start date of their fabulous rental 2 weeks.  AKA outside of my move in window.  AKA how much more poo is gonna roll down this hill?


I guess it’s true.  Some things just are not meant to be.  Ugh.

I was fairly certain the second condo would fall through as well, but now that I have a signed lease in front of me and the deposit has been made, I can officially say I found a home in Charlotte!

Also on the plus side, I got to see the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers on the way back to Ohio:


Me trying to grab the socks:


Haha… fail.

On to the next project—finding a rental management company for my house in Ohio.  And packing of course.  Lots and lots of packing.


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  1. THe process of finding somewhere to live in a new place is SOOO stressful. I’m so glad that you finally found a place though! So am I to understand that you are now living in the condo over the highway?!

  2. awwww mary! congrats on your upcoming move! that is so exciting! charlotte is one of the places, i have thought about moving. i have never been, but right now, anywhere is ‘warmer’ then cleveland! best of luck to you!

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood! I left Ohio 11 years ago and never looked back. I’ll have to go back and visit solely to see such a giant dresser that rivals my own;)