Happy 200th Post!

It’s crazy to think that this is my 200th post on the blog!  As soon as I came to this realization I started clicking back through that last 199 posts.  While it was really fun to reflect, I came to the realization that my blog posts were 97% about the food and not so much about the fun that went along with the food.  To me, fun and food go hand in hand, and if there’s anything I’d like to do differently in the next 200 posts, it’s to focus on the food AND everything that goes with the food—the fun, the friends, the family, and the happy.  I am 3 chapters in to the Happiness Project after all Smile


Highlights of the last 199 posts:

  1. My first post … wow.p6170566
  2. I developed a new Friday night ritual
  3. I mastered lettuce wraps
  4. I tried (unsuccessfully) to develop a love of fish
  5. I did some serious yard work
  6. Eggplant made me ralph Confused smile
  7. I hurt my knee and then tried out interval training 
  8. I had a happy ending
  9. I made JAMBALAYA!  
  10. I burnt my face off on a shrimp salad Disappointed smile
  11. I was accused of being “not really into food”
  12. I had paella and cannolis for my birthday!
  13. I made turkey meat muffins 
  14. The pizza monster struck again.  
  15. I made yogurt cheese
  16. I went to the healthy living summit!

    17.  photo3I made yogurt pancakes 

  1. 18.  I fell in love with overnight oats Red heart
  2. 19.  I went to Columbus, New OrleansCharlotte, and Charleston!
  3. 20.  I got my first calendar centerfold Flirt male
  4. 21.  I met up with some CLE bloggers
  5. 22.  I looooooved eggs
  6. 23.  My coworker showed me love
  7. 24.  The BF moved Thinking smile
  8. 25.  I. joined. a. gym…. 
  9. 26.  I ate a crap ton of food in charlotte (AGAIN)
  10. 27.  I started strength training



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  1. Congratulations on your 200th post! I’ve loved reading your blog and have so enjoyed your sense of humor and adventure. It’s only made clearer for me what a wonderful, beautiful, talented, warm, and complex woman you are. Good luck on your happiness project too–I look forward to your thoughts on the book and other things! Love, your proud Mama