No recipes, just deliciousness.

After work today, I went for a walk with  my sister through the park near her house.  I have to admit, walking and talking with someone is a whole heck of lot more fun than running by yourself.  Just sayin.

After the walk, I headed to the BF’s to make up some dinner.  That’s 2 times in one workweek!  GASP!  Anyway, I had no recipe in mind–I just wanted something TASTY and simple.  And I had a crap ton of veggies to use up in my fridge.  When all else fails, make fajitas.  That’s my life motto actually 😉

First up, I chopped up a green pepper, red onion, a small zucchini, and some white mushrooms and tossed them with a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, cajun seasoning, and black pepper:

Next I made some pico-de-gallo out of some fresh cilantro, tomatoes, red onion, lime juice, garlic salt, and black pepper.  Pico-de-gallo.  PICOOOOO-de-GALLO…  Have you guys seen that Wendy’s commercial??  Makes me laugh every time.

I let the veggies cook for about 15 minutes on the George, then loaded up 1 Mama Lupe low carb tortilla and a big bed of lettuce with the veggies, PIIICCOOOO-de-GALLO 😉 ) , banana pepper rings, some shredded grilled chicken (which I cooked up Sunday night), some Tostitos salsa (leftover from last night’s Mexican Meatloaf), and some Stonyfield Farms Plain Fat-Free yogurt:


Side note – Have you checked out the ingredients on Tostito’s salsa?  It’s all natural, and I didn’t even realize it!  Props to Frito Lay!

BTW – I’ve found that Stonyfield Farms Plain Fat-Free yogurt makes an EXCELLENT substitution for sour cream.  This makes me very happy indeed 🙂

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