Tuesday Tastes Good

Today marks Day #3, week #3 of my interval training plan!  I am just flying right along….. Which does make me a little nervous.  I keep waiting for another knee injury to surface… Hopefully with good stretching and elevation while at work I can continue to work my way back up to running the entire time.

I’m really hoping to be able to participate in the Healthy Living Summit group run in August too…  We shall see 🙂

Breakfast #1:  Just-sayin-no to muffin(tops)

I had a breakfast meeting at Panera this morning for the Knowledgeable Network of Women in Akron.  In a previous life, I would have been PUMPED for a muffie and/or bagel from Panera…  Coffee cake?  Bring-it-on.  Nowadays I just stare longingly at these delicious treats through the glass case and drool…. 

BUT there is good news!  Panera carries Stonyfield Farms yogurt!  So, I ordered up some of that with fruit (no granola though) and a TALLLLLL coffee 🙂

Breakfast #2:  Giving low-carb waffles a second go

I made low-carb waffles for the first time last week, and I was really excited to try them again.  There’s lots of things I’d like to play around with, but for the sake of determining what works and what doesn’t I only changed a few minor things this time around.

Last night I cooked up the waffle batter below for 10 minutes on the waffle iron:

This morning, I popped the waffles into the toaster, then topped ’em off with some fresh/frozen strawberries/bananas/blackberries that I heated up in the microwave along with some PB2 (added extra H20 fo’ the drizzle).

YUMMMMMM…..  So tasty, even though the texture is not quite what I want.  Guess I’ll just have to keep on experimenting.  No complaints here!

Stats on waffles with fixins:  206 calories, 31g carbs, 4g fat, 21g protein, 8g fiber


Lately, I’m pretty much obsessed with hummus and spinach sandwiches of any variety.  It’s not just me either.  I made a wrap with hummus on it for the BF over the weekend, and he seconded my desire to rub it all over my face and marinate in its deliciousness.  Hahahah… 😉

Today’s wrap consisted of:

Heavenly 🙂

Stats on wrap & sliced yellow pepper:  295 calories, 23g carbs, 10g fat, 24g protein, 8g fiber

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  1. thats a very nice lunch,and I’m not criticizing in anyway, but does a under 300 calorie lunch satisfy you for a while? My waffles always stick! do u use the non stick spray?

    1. Actually I’m glad you asked about the calories! Something I work really hard to do is eat lots of small meals. Since I have blood sugar issues, this really helps to keep me from crashing throughout the day. I eat so frequently that the 300 calorie lunch fills my belly (but not to the point of being overly full). On a typical work day, I eat:

      Breakfast #1 at 8AM
      Breakfast #2 at 10AM
      Lunch at 12PM
      Afternoon snack at 3PM
      Dinner at 6/7PMish
      Late night Snack at 8/9PMish.

      I always take time the day before to plan out all my meals for the following day so that I’m sure I’m getting plenty of food in throught the day.

      And yes – I do have to use nonstick spray. I just have a cheapy target waffle iron, so that thing sticks like crazy if I don’t!