Athena Awards — Success in Sisterhood

Tonight I attended the Athena Awards dinner in Cleveland, which honored local women helping women.  Those who know me know I’m all about female empowerment.  There’s just something amazing about getting the opportunity to surround myself with strong successful women in leadership roles, and tonight’s dinner was one of those events where I left feeling like I can tackle anything that comes my way!

This was the first business function I have whipped out my camera to take pictures of the grub…  I got a few funny looks, but I simply told people I was working on an article for the company newsletter 😉

None of these pictures are very good, as I was more concerned with snapping quick pics than getting clear images (due to all the staring).

Pretty vase on table:

Salad with goat cheese:

Pecan crusted chicken (tasty,  but too sweet so I scraped it all off) with potato wedges and green beans:

Also had a few bites of dessert, which tasted like a big fancy fudge round 🙂

Some thoughts from the dinner to leave you with tonight:

“It’s important to have an enthusiasm for life.”


“Simply be the best that you can be.  It’s usually enough to get you where you want to go.”


“I hope that when we ask the next generation of women what challenges they face in their workplaces, that they will look at us with quizzical eyes and say ‘Challenges?  What Challenges?’ “


My personal favorite:

“Wellness and balance are just as important as growing huge brains.”


Goodnight friends!  🙂

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  1. um, yes the fudge cake…..amazingly sinful. the goat cheese salad looks as yummy to me also! i love the quotes you left on your blog….i think my fav is the importance of having enthusiasm for life. if you dont have that, you really have nothing~
    good night!!