Shrimptastic Dinner

I’ve been eyeballing this recipe for Shrimp and Zucchini Pasta for over a week, so I decided to make it for dinner tonight.  I used the Skinny Taste recipe above as my starting point, and scaled it down to one serving.  I also omitted the olive oil and used extra chicken stock in its place.   

I haven’t had pasta in a while, and just the thought of eating it made me want a HUGE plate.  So I decided to peel the zucchini into thin pasta-like strips (rather than cubing as per the recipe) to really bulk up the pasta feel.   

I also used carba nada pasta.  I just love the stuff!   

Shrimp Zucchini Pasta Ingredients


I tasted the veggie/sauce mixture, and decided it needed a little extra oomph.  So I added about a tbsp of balsamic vinegar and a liberal dusting of red pepper flakes (I like it hot!).   

Shrimpy pastalicious


Take a closer look:   



My mouth was on fire after finishing this delicious pasta!  I had to eat a couple frozen grapes to cool things off 🙂   

Stats on the pasta:  342 calories, 49g carbs, 2g fat, 29g protein, 9g fiber   

Here’s a few shrimptastic recipes I’ve stumbled upon that look like things I need to try:   


Dinner is done, but I’m headed back to the kitchen to make BLD for tomorrow (breakfast, lunch, & dinner)… more about that tomorrow!

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