B#1, B#2, L

I’ve never really tried to make an omelet before, but this morning it sounded like just what my belly was craving!  I’m sure there is a technique behind omelet making, but I decided to just throw everything in the pan and see what turned up.        

Breakfast #1 Omelet:  1 egg, 3 egg whites, splash skim milk, 1/2 cup broccoli, 1/4 chopped spinach, 1/8 cup salsa, Frank’s Red Hot        

My first omelet in the pan


My first omelet on the plate


Pleasantly surprised by how tasty the omelet was.  I was worried the top/inside wouldn’t cook through, so I ended up covering the pan with a lid for most of the cooking time.  This worked perfectly–the eggs were fluffy but not underdone.  Think I’ll pick up some canadian bacon at the grocery store to throw into my next omelet creation!        

Breakfast #1 Stats:  153 calories,  9g carbs,  5g fat,  20g protein, 2g fiber       


Dessert Breakfast #2 – I’ve been wanting to try a Luna bar for quite some time.  I usually eat breakfast/granola bars as snacks rather than meal replacements, and these bars are kind of high-calorie in my opinion (well they are if you eat the whole thing).    Several times over the past couple months I’ve picked up a Luna bar in the store, looked over the package, placed it in the cart, then subsequently put it back on the shelf and walked away as quickly as possible.  Yesterday, I happened to see them at a discount store so I grabbed a few.    I’m a sucker for a good deal 😀       

Luna Bars


When I unwrapped the Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar I was presently surprised.  It looked and smelled like a big fat candy bar.        

mmmm chocolatttteeee


So today’s dessert breakfast #2 consisted of  1/2 a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar on top of some Dannon vanilla greek yogurt along with some blackberries.       

vanilla = not plain 😉


is this B#2 or dessert?? oh my gawd... so delicious.


 Stats for B#2:  215 calories,  34g carbs,  3g fat,  17g protein, 4g fiber       



Lunch today is a repeat of yesterday (boring, yet tasty) with some steamed broccoli.  Lettuce wrap in action:       


I also brought some carrot sticks and Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Cilantro hummus.  The hummus is so freaking good!  I can’t wait to try out some of the other hummus flavors they sell.       

carrots and hummus






  I literally licked the container clean.  This is why it is good I sit by myself at work 😀       

licked that sucker clean


Trader Joe is my homeboy 🙂      


On the agenda this evening:         

  • Mow my crazy overgrown backyard
  • Finish cleaning for the Jewelry Partayyyy (which is tomorrow evening)
  • Start Prepping food for party… menu selections to be posted this evening.

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  1. I found your blog via Tag Surfer and felt compelled to leave a comment.That was your first omelet?? Girl, that looked like some professional business. You should see my omelets, actually no, you shouldn’t. How did you get it so fluffy?

    1. I was pretty shocked it turned out as well as it did! I read somewhere a long time ago that adding milk or water to scrambled eggs makes them fluffy because the liquid heats up faster or something like that… (there’s some sort of science behind it that I don’t recall), but I guess that’s what did the trick! I’m shooting for omelet #2 this weekend — we’ll see if I’m lucky this time too!