Girl loves coffee

This morning, I literally sprung out of bed before the alarm went off because my body was subconsciously excited to try the coffee I picked up at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  Just the smell of coffee beans makes my mouth water and instantly improves my mood.

Trader Joe’s French Roast didn’t disappoint!

Breakfast #1 today was a 3 egg white scramble seasoned with my go-to seasoning combo:  salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes.

I served the egg whites up in 1/2 a Joseph’s low carb pita, and a bit o’ ketchup.

Egg white pita

Stats:  86 calories, 7g carbs, 1g fat, 14g Protein, 2g Fiber

Breakfast #2:  1/2 a Thomas’ Whole Wheat Bagel Thin and 1 tbsp Trader Joe’s almond butta with Trader Joe’s pomegranate Greek Yogurt!

gotta give it a good stir

Both the almond butter and the yogurt were DELICIOUS.  I’m now officially obsessed with Trader Joe’s!

Stats:  265 Calories, 27g carbs, 10g fat, 21g Protein, 5g Fiber


Lunch = Big ole salad with 2 tbs balsamic dressing and a Turkey/Ham Lettuce wrap with 1/2 a Laughing Cow french onion cheese wedge with some leftover Gionino’s hot sauce!

That's a lot of veggie action!
Lettuce wrap prior to rolling
Salad with balsamic vinegar
me holding my lettuce wrap like a trophy

I think it’s safe to say I have mastered the lettuce wrap 😀

Side note — how weird is this??

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  1. You really have mastered the lettuce wrap,mine always fall apart or break!

    thinking of eating a sushi popper makes me want to hurk!

  2. You crack me up! I suck at lettuce wraps. I’m that guy.

    Where’d ya get those Joseph’s pitas, if you don’t mind me askin’? Are they a Trader Joe’s thing?