Trader Joe’s & Melt. Mmmmm.

Today I made my very first trip to Trader Joe’s, and I was pretty impressed.  Everything in the store looked edibledrool worthydelicious but I narrowed my purchase down to: 

  • Jalapeno & cilantro hummus
  • pomegranate greek yogurt
  • French Roast Coffee
  • Almond butter!
  • Salmon Patties
Trader Joe's Goodies

While in Cleveland, we also had lunch at Melt and devoured the blackened chicken gourmet grilled cheese and 3 bean chili with chicken AND hand cut fries with malt vinegar.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………. 

Pic is blurry because I was too hungry to focus the camera 🙂
3 Bean Chili + Chicken

Even though Trader Joe’s has a ton of delectable goodies for me to try, I was a little sad that they didn’t have more low calorie or low carb options.  I need to find a store in the area that sells the crazy healthy items I’ve thus far only been able to find on the internet.  I just put in my next Netrition order, so that shall fill the void in the meantime. 

Some recipes I’d like to attempt this week (or sometime soon): 

Also searching for some healthy tapas recipes for the jewelry party I’m hosting Wednesday evening.  The BF thinks these jewelry parties are like cults, I however enjoy them because it brings together a random group of women for a fun female-only evening.  That sounds like a cult worth joining 🙂 

Some thoughts of the tapas: 

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