I always find it hard to stick to a good eating schedule on the weekends. There always seems to be a ton going on and a ton of good eats tempting you at every corner!

I woke up at about 7 this morning, downed a small bowl of cereal and went back to bed shortly after. That’s pretty unlike me on the weekends (the back to bed part, not the cereal obviously), but today it’s pretty gloomy outside and it doesn’t look like I’ll be making a big dent in the yard work today. Instead I’ll be working on cleaning up my pigsty of a house before heading to Cleveland for a slumber party with friends.

For lunch today I made a turkey/ham wrap using a lite Italian Flat-Out wrap.

my favorite fixin's


wrap pre-roll




I still got my mad burrito lady skills!  Only thing that could make this wrap taste better is a little grillin’

quality time with george


hot and melty!


Saturday lunch spread

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