I’ve never had an issue with cooking my breakfasts for the week on Sunday, but today when I grabbed the last egg/broccoli/potato breakfast in the series, something just smelled awry.  I took a bite anyway, but it was obvious that my breakfast had the funk.  Images of me bed ridden and barfing over the 3 day weekend filled my head…  Soooo I quickly junked the funk breakfast and grabbed a quick granola bar instead.  I know I’m eating pizza for dinner tonight… Oh Gioninos…  The pizza is so good that I sometimes close my eyes and let a big ole bite dipped in hot sauce just marinate in my mouth.  So needless to say, I’m trying to keep it light and healthy today to offset the Friday festivities to come. 

Another weekend staple of mine is wine and cereal 😀

I’m headed to the BF’s right after work today, so I brought the goods with me.  This is what my desk at work looks like now:

The receptionist was a little confused when she walked by.  Don’t ask, don’t tell 😉

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