Jimmy John is my fitness pal!

Lunch today consisted of Jimmy Johns!  I LOVE the unwich (lettuce wraps) you can get there.  It makes me really happy that our society is moving towards a healthier way of life.  More and more restaurants are adding “healthy” options to their menus and making it easier for us all to indulge without negatively impacting our waistlines.  Today I ordered the beach club unwich, hold the mayo, add onions (my FAVORITE vegetable).  Also got the ginormous pickle, but think half of that will have to wait til tomorrow.  That thing is just too much to handle in one sitting!

I’m obsessed with the website www.myfitnesspal.com.  This is a great website for monitoring the food and nutrients you take in on a daily basis and also keeping track of your exercise.  From using this site, I’ve been able to determine that my diet is really lacking calcium and potassium.  I’m going to start looking into way to supplement these nutrients this weekend.

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